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The Cold Dish: A Walt Longmire Mystery (Walt Longmire Mysteries)

The Cold Dish - Craig Johnson A purely pleasure read for me. Set in Wyoming, one of my favorite places on Earth, this mystery was a no-brainer for me. [Thank you Eleanor for bringing this book to my attention.] Add the tactile bliss of a Penguin paperback, wonderfully flexible covers, pages and spine, and I was set. Except the font was a wee bit small, an indicator that even with my relatively recently corrected contact lenses, I had to dig out my reading glasses so I wouldn't strain my eyes. *Sigh*Laconic sheriff Walt Longmire is the star of this story, a man finding his way after losing his wife to cancer. His keen wit and sense of identity are perfectly in tune with the Western sensibilites of the Wyoming landscape.A little slow to get going, the plot nonetheless was respectful of the pace of life and relationships of the various characters involved. Once the pace picked up, I was more at ease with the story, and I was beginning to get to know the characters better, which I'm sure will span the many installments in this series.Recommended for anyone who loves a good character mystery and needs a Wyoming fix like I did. This will just have to do until I can travel out there again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.