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The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I liked this well enough. There were many elements that were especially appealing, and the lasting impression is intended. I quibble only because my expectations were high and I was left a tad wanting.Some random thoughts: I believe in magic and believe everyone should, because each of us can work magic in our own lives if only we believe. The notions of the subconscious in the Night Circus really only came to me toward the end of the book, although I'm sure had I noticed, they had been there all along. I had fantastic dreams while reading this book. I like the balance of strength in the main characters. This book was unlike anything I have ever read. I could easily imagine the circus as a Cirque du Soleil on steroids. I'm saying this respectfully and not trying to be clever or glib. Like many good dreams, this book left many lasting impressions and was a pleasant journey.