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The Mysteries of Angkor Wat (Traveling Photographer)

The Mysteries of Angkor Wat - Richard Sobol I learned something I didn't know upon reading The Mysteries of Angkor Wat. This non-fiction picture/photography book, is an interesting exploration of an ancient ruin in Cambodia, which is the largest religious monument in the world. The premise is perfect for introducing readers to a distant country with a distinctively different culture. Author Richard Sobol travels to Angkor Wat as a travel photographer and a first time visitor, and the reader accompanies him on his journey. Right away he meets children whom he photographs at the site throughout his visits. This contributes an easy context with which to place the vast information detailed about the site itself, Cambodia, and the history of this temple from ancient times to the present. The photography is interesting and engaging, the text flows effortlessly, and there is a wealth of information to digest. At the back of the book there are additional Angkor Wat facts and a glossary. The endpapers are a two page global map showing where Cambodia is in the world, and there is a full-page map of Cambodia in the text showing where Angkor Wat is in Cambodia.I enjoyed this book much more than I expected I would. Recommended.