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Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly

Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly - Larry McCleary Interesting concept of weight loss: a low bad carb/high good fat/medium protein/medium good carb diet, which causes the body to access energy in fat cells enhancing weight loss and increased brain function. I wish this book had less science jargon, although written by a doctor, with clinical studies to explain and reinforce the data. It could have had more explanation in a few areas, such as overcoming previous misconceptions about coconut oil, and how to incorporate it in recipes. The seven day suggested menu plan looked good, but it leaves to the reader to implement a longer term diet change which will remain satisfying and sustaining. Underlying the theory is the theme that supplying the brain with the diet structure needed for optimal chemical functioning, along with moderate exercise, has a side benefit of natural weight loss for those whose hormonal or insulin imbalance has led to substantial weight gain.