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The Twelve Days of Christmas in Georgia (The Twelve Days of Christmas in America)

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Georgia - Susan Rosson Spain, Elizabeth O. Dulemba I admit I'm a little biased for four reasons: a) I sell Sterling Books, b) I know the illustrator, c) I know the author, and d) I am a Georgia native!! Never mind that, this an informative celebration of Georgia, as seen by young out-of-state visitor traveling to his cousin's house in Georgia. Travel through the Peach State and find MORE than twelve distinctive places or characteristics. What couldn't fit into the twelve days form is featured on the end papers. Georgia has swamps and mountains, gold, a huge granite mountain, historical sites such as Martin Luther King's boyhood home, the home of a President (Jimmy Carter), and Franklin Roosevelt's Little White House, the site of the Olympics, a puppet theater, a butterfly aviary, and a rich musical history. That and much more is celebrated in this lively countdown to Christmas.