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Squirrel's Fun Day (Candlewick Readers)

Squirrel's Fun Day (Candlewick Readers) - Lisa Moser Squirrel is back! Following [bc:Squirrel's World|1270206|Squirrel's World|Lisa Moser|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320490092s/1270206.jpg|1259132], Squirrel's Fun Day is more A Day in the Frenetic Life of Squirrel adventures with Mouse, Turtle and Rabbit. Prolific illustrator Valeri Gorbachev's art is playful and full of humor. It is the humor in the stories that will keep kids engaged, while the repetition in the text and the thinly veiled puzzles in each story adds a welcome complexity to this early reader. Overall, Squirrel's Fun Day is richly designed and will be a rewarding reading experience.