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A Certain Strain of Peculiar

A Certain Strain of Peculiar - Gigi Amateau How does a 13 year-old girl deal with being ostracized from her conventional school environment? Mary Harold Woods decides to return to the family homestead, a farm on Wren Mountain in Alabama. She runs away in her mother's truck and drives the nearly 700 miles from Virginia to Alabama by herself. All for a chance to start over in the bosom of her grandmother and the foundation of love and acceptance that the farm and the forest have played in her family's history. It is in this journey of self-discovery, that Mary Harold learns of various degrees of peculiar, and that change embarked upon by one ends up having an effect on all. Author Gigi Amateau weaves this sensitive story into a rich fabric of family healing. I particularly enjoyed the scenes of the farm and the realities of nature and the forest. I'm sure many girls who are discovering who they are, will find much to identify with in Mary Harold's adventure.