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Rapido's Next Stop

Rapido's Next Stop - Jean-Luc Fromental, Joëlle Jolivet An over-sized lift-the-flap picture book with bold graphic illustrations, rhyming text and rebus word symbols. Rapido is a van and the driver has deliveries to make. The reader follows along on the journey while the deliveries are made. Each flap is a destination with a rhyming clue and an object symbol. The pages are heavy card stock offering durability to repeated readings. The rebus words are more sophisticated than most children's books (croissant, projector, crutches, guitar) which in this case seems fine, since those are words that children hear or speak, but may not yet be ready to recognize in letters. A busy industrious harbor city depicting people and businesses in need of what Rapido has to deliver. From the author/illustrator duo of 365 Penguins.