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In the Shadow of Blackbirds
Cat Winters
The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl
Timothy Egan

The Storyworld Box: Create-A-Story Kit

The Storyworld Box: Create-A-Story Kit - John Matthews;Caitlin Matthews A kit for story tellers of all ages. The kit contains a small pamphlet and a deck of card. The pamphlet details instructions and suggestions for how to use the cards to facilitate storytelling. The card deck is oversized and beautifully illustrated with characters, objects or places from the world of storytelling, to guide one's imagination in creating one's own story. There are hidden clues on each card to aid in further inspiration. For one or for many (use as a game for a group), StoryWorld engages the mind as story telllng inspiration. Author Philip Pullman says, "StoryWorld is a very ingenious idea . . . " The pamphlet indicates there are more card sets to come.

A Birthday for Cow!

A Birthday for Cow! - Jan Thomas A bookseller favorite. FUN!

The Rooster Prince of Breslov

The Rooster Prince of Breslov - Ann Redisch Stampler, Eugene Yelchin A traditional Yiddish folktale retold by the author, who's own grandmother told the tale as she knew it a century ago in eastern Europe. The author's note in the back is extremely useful in helping put the folk tale in context of the lessons illustrated in the story, most notably, how all children must be nurtured into adults by practicing good deeds, have true compassion and moral authority.


Oliver - Birgitta Sif An ode to introverts everywhere. Love it.

Skywriting: Poems to Fly

Skywriting: Poems to Fly - J. Patrick Lewis, Laslo Kubini Air travel through history in poetry. Interestingly innovative.

Queenie: One Elephant's Story

Queenie: One Elephant's Story - Corinne Fenton, Peter Gouldthorpe Beautifully illustrated Australian picture book. I don't like sad animal stories.

Calvin Can't Fly: The Story of a Bookworm Birdie

Calvin Can't Fly: The Story of a Bookworm Birdie - Jennifer  Berne, Keith Bendis A talented illustrator at work in Calvin Can't Fly, a book about a starling who prefers reading over learning to fly. A celebration of books and libraries, and all the inspiration and knowledge that comes from reading. And it is this knowledge that allows Calvin to save his starling family from flying into a hurricane during their seasonal migration. Recommended.

Ugly Pie

Ugly Pie - Lisa Wheeler, Heather M. Solomon Sure as shootin', rootin', tootin' read-aloud fun! "I'm still itchin', sniffin', wishin' for some Ugly Pie!" Ol' Bear can't find it anywhere, but along the way he collects the ingredients. When back home and in his kitchen, he whips up some Ugly Pie and shares with all his neighbors, and you, too, with a recipe in the back. Bound to be read again and again, and one will be hard pressed not to enjoy it every time!

Tuba Lessons

Tuba Lessons - T. C. Bartlett, Monique Felix Of course I'm giving this five stars. A charming celebration of music, notation, nature and tuba lessons.

What Will You Be, Grandma?

What Will You Be, Grandma? - Nanette Newman A twist on the eternal question, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" Grandma and Lily brainstorm about all the things it might be fun for Grandma to be. Being a Grandma to Lily is the best job of all.

Beat This! Cookbook: Absolutely Unbeatable Knock-'em-Dead Recipes for the Very Best Dishes

Beat This! Cookbook: Absolutely Unbeatable Knock-'em-Dead Recipes for the Very Best Dishes - Ann Hodgman The best cookbooks have great recipes AND great writing. This new edition of Beat This! introduces me to a gem I missed the first time around. Can't wait to try these recipes. They all sound good AND fun!

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf - David Almond, Dave McKean A non-traditional creation tale with an interesting twist on creativity and a subtle message about spirituality. Read as an ARC in black & white. The final book will be in full color, which I imagine will have a significant effect on the power of the Dace McKean illustrations.

Black Dog

Black Dog - Levi Pinfold From my sales conference notes: design/style early Paul Zelinsky, "Best book of the season" -- UK review. The smallest member of the house is fearless facing the giant black dog outside. An interesting fable for reducing fear to a manageable perspective.

There's Going to Be a Baby

There's Going to Be a Baby - John Burningham, Helen Oxenbury My husband has a "thing" about missing fathers in books, movies, etc. Where is the father in this book? There is the mother, the small existing child, the child developing, and the Grandfather. Hmmm . . . .

New York: A 3D Keepsake Cityscape (Keepsake Cityscapes)

New York: A 3D Keepsake Cityscape - Sarah McMenemy A cute novelty item. Small trim-size, accordion style, pop-up in a slip-case. Iconic NYC landmarks, a perfect keepsake for travelers, or for anyone who wants a remembrance of one of America's most dynamic cities.

Because of You

Because of You - B.G. Hennessy, Hiroe Nakata Lovely illustrations and fresh perspective on what each of us bring to the world, our friends and our family.