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Inklings - Jeffrey Koterba A courageous memoir by Jeffrey Koterba, an acclaimed political cartoonist from Omaha, Nebraska. How does one survive a challenging family and home environment, when a father wreaks havoc on all involved? Mr. Koterba describes his childhood home of chaos and disorder, and at it's center, a father that seems oblivious to everyone except himself. He finds solace in his ability to draw, which is only one talent that Mr. Koterba possesses. He inherits a love of music that he shares with his father, and, he can write. In Inklings, he tells the tale of escaping the craziness of his family, grappling with Tourette's Syndrome, striving to succeed in the world of cartoon journalism, and finally, of healing. With admirable honesty and a knack for capturing the mundane yet extraordinary details of everyday life, Koterba explores the nature of love and creativity and ultimately celebrates the person he has become.