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Zora and Me

Zora and Me - Victoria Bond;T. R. Simon I found myself "hearing" the dialogue in this unique fiction based on the childhood of Zora Neale Hurston. I kept wanting to read it aloud, so I could immerse myself in a place very familiar to me. An excellent introduction to a formative figure in literature and of a time that hasn't been too often explored for readers of any age. There is much literature regarding other periods in the African-American experience in America. Zora and Me brings us to a time and place that is different and interesting. Eatonville, Florida was a special all-black community established during the dawn of the twentieth century. In Zora and Me, a different kind of prejudice is explored, which makes this book more interesting still. The magic of storytelling is here, and in this special setting, a young woman developed beyond the bounds that typically held back many other girls like her. Zora Neale Hurston's life continues to inspire women writers long after her death, and this is an excellent volume to introduce Zora to a new and younger generation of readers.