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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson Quite an interesting read. The tagline says it all, "Everything you believe is wrong." Which hampers my ability to write a review, even though other reviews refer to the twists and turns this novel takes. I liked the effort by the author to carefully portray the balanced, inner struggle of the main character. Alison spends most of the novel sorting out her circumstances in a mental institution, suffering from synesthesia, a condition where one sensory experience causes a secondary automatic, involuntary sensory reaction. The grounding of this character lends a credibility to the direction the story takes in the last twenty percent of the book. Somewhat in the vein of a typical mystery, the structure of the evidence provided remains misunderstood until swift propulsion of events reveals a new awareness. Ultraviolent is a smart, compelling YA read with enough distinctive flair to attract a literate YA audience.