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Big Mean Mike

Big Mean Mike - Michelle Knudsen, Scott Magoon Big mean Mike has a reputation to live up to, so when a tiny, fuzzy bunny shows up in his big, mean car one day, he quickly rids the car of the bunny before anybody has a chance to see him. "Big, tough dogs do not hang around with tiny, fuzzy bunnies, okay? So beat it. Scram. And don't come back!"As much as Mike tries, he can't avoid the now four bunnies who refuse to go away. Before you know it, Mike and the bunnies are at the Monster Truck Show eating popcorn and having a grand old time. When a group of big, tough dogs ridicule Mike and his bunny posse, the bunnies cop an attitude. Mike: "I like these bunnies. They know how to have a good time. And they're adorable! Any of you got a problem with that?"Great fun in a book that shows that tough guys have a soft side, and a little attitude goes a long way. Great, too, for adjectives, word repetition and more importantly? Laughs!