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The Baby That Roared

The Baby That Roared - Simon Puttock, Nadia Shireen A cute story about a new baby, and parents who don't know how to take care of it. Mr. and Mrs. Deer find a bundle on their doorstep with a note: "I am a dear little baby. Please love me and read me lots and lots of stories." The baby bundle roars and roars, and the happy couple seek counsel from family members to determine how to make the baby happy. It lovingly reminded me of arriving home with my own new bundle of joy almost sixteen years ago. What do I do now? Lucky for me, though, mine was a real baby. When Granny Bear arrives and decides the baby needs burping, a big surprise is in store. I think children will love the big reveal, because what child doesn't laugh about big messy burps? A quirky, funny, family book.