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The Cat Who Invented Bebop

The Cat Who Invented Bebop - Marshall Arisman Firstly, the description above is WRONG. Here's the jacket copy:Square cats live by rules. Cool cats believe rules are made to be broken. In this story for cats of all ages, readers are introduced to Stringbean McCoy, a cool cat born into a family of squares. An outside-the-litter-box type, Stringbean grows up learning jazz in the Mississippi Delta under the tutelage of an old cat named Pops. But it's not until this saxophone-playing feline sets out for the jazzy streets of New York that he really starts breaking rules, making his mark as a cool cat to remember--The Cat Who Invented Bebop.An outlandish play on words picture book with the fantasy of the invention of the jazz music style bebop. A sophisticated send-up, probably more appropriate for older readers and adult collectors of picture books. It comes with a DVD, which I have yet to view.