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Noonie's Masterpiece in Purple: A play

Noonie's Masterpiece in Purple: A play - Lisa Railsback I just finished the book, not the play. As soon as I held this attractive edition in my hands I was drawn in to Noonie's tale. This graphic novel is imaginatively substantial. It's all about the art! And that is the way that fourth-grader, Noonie, views her life. She is a brilliant artist; the rest of the world just doesn't know that yet. And Noonie surely is an artist. See sees herself that way, and interprets her life accordingly. Noonie's Masteriece is her diary of living with her relatives while her dad travels the world for work, after her mother has died. All the while she is struggling to be accepted for who she is, and to be recognized as the next great famous artist. I admire how creativity is reinforced in all aspects of Noonie's life. There is lots here for art teachers to love, and how to understand those who are creative among us. References to famous artists are an added bonus, and it cleverly adds more educational heft to this story. Friendship, family and self-acceptance are here in abundance, accompanied by inventive illustrations by Sarajo Frieden on every page.