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No Bears

No Bears - Meg McKinlay If there wasn't already other books entitled There Are No Cats in this Book, I would suggest a title change to There Are No Bears in this Book! Ruby is writing a book and tells the reader about the elements of a good story. There are words, of course, and pictures, and a good story needs lots of interesting things in it, but she insists it does NOT need bears. "I'm tired of bears. Every time you read a book it's just BEARS BEARS BEARS -- horrible furry bears slurping honey in grotty little caves. You don't need BEARS for a book." [Oh, yes she does. I bet you guessed that!]Ruby tells her story with lots of interesting characters, a princess, a fairy godmother, and a monster. The pages of the book mimic her notebook pages as the reader accompanies Ruby and the princess on her journey. And luckily for princess, there IS a bear in this book. Who else is there to save her princess from the monster? Lots of fun in the margins to share with a child, as the bear in the book keeps watch over Ruby and her princess. Fun, inventive, delicate illustrations. Recommended.