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The Lost Christmas Gift

The Lost Christmas Gift - Andrew Beckham This is a special project: a facsimile reproduction of a long lost book produced by a father for his son for the holidays while he was away at war. However, the book was lost in the mail, and only arrives years after the father has passed away. The book is a remembrance of a special holiday search for a Christmas tree in forest in the Colorado mountains near the family home during the Christmas when the son was eleven years old. The father is a cartographer in the war, so the handmade book is expertly illustrated and it includes photographs that the son took with his camera during the trip. Each spread includes explanations from the son in the present day recounting the event as he remembers it. There are velum overlays to show the miraculous figure that appears in a sudden snow storm that helps guide the pair ultimately safely home the after a night in the mountains.The whole project accentuates the special miraculous nature of the holiday season, and the love of a father for a son. Much care is evident with every detail, and it looks very much like a painstaking reproduction of a unique handmade book. For those who can still hear the bell and believe (a loving reference to The Polar Express).